I recently was a guest on long-time psychologist Dr. Doreen Downing’s multiple award-winning and top 5% of podcasts by the number of downloads podcast, “Find Your Voice, Change Your Life.” The subject was my personal story around my fall-from-grace, eventual suspension as a lawyer, addiction and comeback (still in progress) from the proverbial ashes like the mythical Phoenix.

This is a link to the approximate 36 minute interview. Warning: it’s raw and, if you either don’t know me personally or weren’t aware of the tale (even though the Louisiana bar discipline is public and a small part of that story is on the internet and has been there since 2006), you may be shocked.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Dr. Doreen Downing https://lnkd.in/gF77fmNn and want to encourage you to reach out to Dr. Doreen if you have your own story about either losing and regaining your voice or never having a voice and finding it.

As I say during the interview, when you’re at your wit’s end and believe that all’s lost and the situation is devoid of hope, listen for that voice in your head, shrill though it may be, telling you that “you’re better than this.” Thanks be to Almighty God for allowing me to hear this voice at the right time.