Have you ever considered the following? There’s a “last time” you have done every single thing that you’ve ever done in your life. Some of these activities were only done once or twice. Some were significant things, but most probably weren’t. However, for many of those activities, it will have been the last time you ever do that activity unless you get around to it again in the mysterious amount of time you’ve got left.

That got me to thinking about some of the “last times” I did some things, but the one that I stopped on was playing trucks with my friends like Bryan Couvillion or Steve Cowen.

Did I realize while I was playing trucks that time that it would be my last time playing trucks? If I was that self-aware (I wasn’t), what were my emotions and thoughts about it? There must have been some profound sadness around the end of my “truck play.”

Life’s funny, friends. If you’re not ready to have done something for the “last time,” then your charge is clear beyond cavil: get to it!!! Maybe I ought to shop for a couple of toy trucks.