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Paul Hood Books

The Estate Planner Tool Book by Paul Hood & Ed Morrow

Paul Hood Webinars

Out of the Hood: Analysis With An Attitude©: Overview of Estate Planning From 30,000 Feet

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Pre-Mortem Planning Options and a Look Forward at Post-Mortem Estate Planning

2020 Hindsight: A Review of Important Developments in Estate Planning

Prescriptions for Donor’s Remorse: Using Disclaimers and Other Techniques to Hit the “Undo Button” on Taxable Gifts

Can YOU BDIT? BDIT’s and BDOT’s…”The Beneficiary Defective Inheritor’s Trust” and “The Beneficiary Deemed Owned Trust.” What are they? How do they work? Concerns and Best Practices”

The Intersection of Portability and Blended Families: No Man’s Land?

Directed Trusts: The Veg-O-Matic™ of Estate Planning

Beware Indirect Gifts! Is YOUR Planning Creating Them?

Critically Important NEW Buy-Sell Case: The Three Appraisal Sidestep-Walsh v. White House Post Productions, LLC

A Planner’s Cheat Sheet for Evaluating Estate Planning Tools & Techniques: Part 3

A Planner’s Cheat Sheet for Evaluating Estate Planning Tools & Techniques: Part 2

A Planner’s Cheat Sheet for Evaluating Estate Planning Tools & Techniques: Part 1

Panacea or Potential Problem: An Exploration of T-CLATs

Health Care Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Living Wills, POLST and HIPAA Authorization Analysis. It’s That Time…How’s YOUR Bedside Manner?

Valuable Conversations Attorneys and Business Appraisers Must Have: Buy-Sell Agreements, Appraisal Review, Gift & Estate Taxes, Litigation & More

Nelson v. Commissioner – The Next Chapter in Protective/Defined Value Gift and Sale Clauses – A devastating loss for the Taxpayer

Charitable Planning in 2020-Including the Charitable LLC!

The Magic Carpet of Estate Planning: Cutting Edge Planning and Drafting with Powers of Appointment

Pre-Nups: An Alternative View

Turbocharge Your Trust Forms: Non-Traditional Cutting Edge Trust Design Strategies To Improve And Protect Inheritors

Crafting and Drafting CRT’s with Wealth Replacement and Avoiding Liability

The Minefields of the Professional as a Fiduciary: Do YOU know how to get through them?

Property Powers of Attorney: Are You Aiding and Abetting Legalized Theft?

Anatomy of a Business Valuation Report – Next Episode of Out of the Hood

Modern Basis Planning: Dude, Where’s My Basis?

Early Termination of Trusts: Panacea or Professional Negligence?

Swap Power Clause Analysis. Out of the Hood: Analysis with an Attitude: Episode 2

Out of the Hood: Analysis with an Attitude

Issues in Income Shifting-What’s Past is Prologue

Snap, Crackle, Swap: The Substitution Power in Grantor Trusts

The A-B-(LL)Cs of Choice of Entity Selection: 2019 Edition

The Best Laid Plans…Planning for the Surviving Spouse

Tour of Estate/Charitable Planning Tools & Techniques-From Meat & Potatoes To Cutting Edge

Structuring Defined Value Clauses in Trust Transfers: Formula Allocations and Price Adjustment Clauses

Do You Trust?-The Anatomy of a Trust

It’s Not Ozzie and Harriet: Estate Planning for Modern Families

Your Forms Runneth Over: Selected Fine Points of General Drafting of Documents

From the School of Hard Knocks: Thoughts About the Initial Client Interview

Estate Planning for Qualified Retirement Plans and IRA’s

Hermeneutics for Designing Estate Planning Tools & Techniques: A Method in the Madness of the Fine Art of Designing Estate Planning Tools and Techniques

The Human Side of Estate Planning/Psychology of Estate Planning

Anatomy of an LLC Operating Agreement: What the Sophisticated Advisor Needs to Know

Paul Hood: Buy-Sell Agreements – An 8 Part Series

Common Errors in Business Valuation Reports: What Advisors Need To Look For

Is YOUR Buy-Sell Agreement Up to Snuff? Things to Remember in Buy-Sell Agreements

Paul Hood’s Complete 6-Part Series: Estate and Gift Tax Introduction

Family Business Succession Planning-It’s a Contact Sport!!!

A THREE PART WEBINAR SERIES Tour of Estate Planning Tools & Techniques-Analyzing and Comparing Tools & Techniques on Specific Criteria