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Buy-Sell Agreements represents over 30 years of work and study of buy-sell agreements for closely-held or family businesses of all shapes and sizes. I’ve drafted or edited hundreds of buy-sell agreements and reviewed over a 1000 more. In my opinion, it’s the hardest agreement to draft and get right. Buy-Sell Agreements will define what I mean by a buy-sell agreement, identify the three types of buy-sell agreements, describe what I mean by a “triggering event,” describe the tax consequences of a buyout and much, much more!

Buy-Sell Agreements truly is a labor of love. My family was negatively impacted by a poorly drafted buy-sell agreement, and I possess incredible passion around this subject to hopefully prevent my readers from suffering needlessly from a poor buyout provision. It’s truly the first book of its kind written for the lay audience to explore the depths of buy-sell agreements as deeply as I go in this book.

Buy-Sell Agreements is chock-full of examples of real-world buy-sell situations so that it hopefully is easy to follow along. I wrote this book for you!!!

Won’t you join me on an exploration of buy-sell agreements?

Paperback Book, 282 Pages
Print Book: US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm), Standard Black & White, 60# White, Paperback, Matte Cover

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